Truck Engines

Western Star Engines by Detroit and Cummins

  • Detroit


    350-470HP, 1650LB-FT, 12.8L Inline 6

    Designed specifically for Less-Than-Truckload, Regional Distribution and Vocational applications, the DD13® diesel engine delivers serviceability, performance and up to 5% better fuel economy — so you don’t have to choose between an engine with great fuel economy, serviceability and performance ever again.

  • Detroit


    455-505HP, 1750LB-FT, 14.8L Inline 6

    The Detroit™ DD15® TC Engine takes innovation to a whole new level, delivering incredible torque response and power, increased fuel economy, extremely wide torque range, extended maintenance intervals and a smoother, cleaner ride.

  • Detroit


    475-600HP, 2050LB-FT, 15.6L Inline 6

    The DD16 is made for extreme loads. Whether you’re in the coalmines of West Virginia or the forests of Western Canada, this engine has the power and torque to deliver — the powerhouse engine for the owner operator and severe-duty vocational markets.

  • Cummins


    260-350HP, 1000LB-FT, 8.3L Inline 6

    The ISC for 2007 runs cleaner, delivers superior performance and maintains fuel economy comparable to EPA ’02 compliant and certified engines. Ratings range from 260-350 hp. Add the optional compression brake, and it even stops better.

  • Cummins


    345-380HP, 1300LB-FT, 9L Inline 6

    The ISL9 has one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in its class with heavy-duty features like replaceable wet liners. It also features the XPI fuel system — the same technology thats used in the ISX15. These advances allow the ISL9 to run stronger and with greater responsiveness than ever before.

  • Cummins


    400-600HP, 2500LB-FT, 15L Inline 6

    Expect superior driving performance and industry-leading fuel economy with Cummins ISX15 EPA 2010 engine. Every element has been designed and manufactured to optimize performance, reliability and durability while delivering the lowest operating costs of any engine in its class

  • Detroit Tier III


    425-500HP, 1550LB-FT, 14L Inline 6

    For off-road applications, with ratings of 500 hp and 1550 lb-ft of torque, or 425 hp and 1475 lb-ft of torque, the Series 60 Tier III is capable of handling the toughest jobs. Only available for vocational trucks that remain off-road in applications such as mining, oil and gas support, steel and paper mills, quarries and landfills, the Series 60 Tier III runs more efficiently since it features a single-stage turbo and no EGR.

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