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New Western Star Trucks

  • New Western Star Trucks - 4700
  • New Western Star Trucks - 4800
  • New Western Star Trucks - 4900
  • New Western Star Trucks - 6900
  • New Western Star Truck Engines

Western Star 4700

The quality and value of a new Western Star Truck is now within reach. That’s because they have built the all-new Western Star 4700 specifically to meet the needs of vocational applications and today’s tighter budgets. And Western Star did it with input from you — the people who actually do the work. After all, no one knows what you need better than you. The durable and rugged 4700. All new Western Star trucks.

Western Star 4800

Something can be said for getting the right truck for the job. With the shortest BBC and the most options, the 4800 delivers huge performance in a streamlined cab, along with lots of truck components so you can build to suit any job. From mining trucks to expediters, the 4800 will be configured to deliver.

Western Star 4900

If you’re going to do a job, do it right the first time with the rugged 4900. The 4900 has options available to help you spec the perfect truck for your job. Whether you’re working in auto haul or you’re looking for a logging truck, Western Star has it covered with durability, comfort and power. Stop compromising; start doing.

Western Star 6900

When you need to move mountains, there’s only one truck for the job: the Western Star 6900. Spec’d as a tractor, it can haul over 500,000 pounds. As a dump, it can move 80,000 pounds at a time. Add in lots of options, and you’ve got a truck that’s as powerful as it is customizable. From log trucks to dump trucks to extreme duty trucks, the 6900 handles it all.

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