Customer Service Survey

Customer Service Survey

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  • 1. How was the overall appearance of the facility?*

  • Customer Service

    2. How satisfied were you with the greeting that you received from the service department?*

  • 3. How satisfied were you with the communication with the service department?*

  • Repair type

    4. Was the work performed at this visit covered under warranty, customer pay or both?*

  • Availability

    5. If parts were needed, did we have the parts available for the repair?*

  • 6. Was the work performed right the first time?*

  • 7. Did repair facility offer Express Assessment?*

  • Overall Experience

    8. How would you rate your satisfaction regarding the time it took to complete the repair?*

  • 9. Taking everything into consideration, how would you rate your OVERALL service experience?*

  • Help Us Improve

    10. On which area could we improve upon to earn a rating of 10 next time?*

  • Customer Name*

  • Invoice Number
  • Service Writer
  • Email*
  • Service Location*
  • Additional Information
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