Cascadia Evolution

Cascadia Evolution | The Evolution of Efficiency

The Cascadia Evolution builds on the technologies of our previous models—engine efficiency, advanced aerodynamics, fleet management tools—to deliver up to a 7% increase in fuel economy over our first-generation EPA 2010-compliant Cascadia model. Become part of the Evolution.



Freightliner Trucks views innovation as the evolution of great ideas. Instead of constantly “reinventing the wheel,” they leverage existing technologies and find ways to make them even better. Over time, this method creates more consistent quality and greater value for customers, resulting in products that offer the lowest total cost of ownership.

The Cascadia Evolution is available in day cab, mid-roof and raised-roof configurations, and it offers a variety of advanced aerodynamic features that significantly increase efficiency and overall performance. Freightliner installed additional seals and gap closures to decrease drag. New chassis side fairings streamline airflow around the vehicle and improve performance in crosswind conditions. Freightliner even re-shaped the mirrors and integrated the antennae to maximize aerodynamics down to the smallest detail. Together, these innovations result in better fuel economy, which is at the core of our commitment to our customers.


Start Your Engines

ftl-detroit-DD15-lgThe Detroit™ DD15® engine is engineered for enhanced performance and efficiency. This engine incorporates a variety of innovations that reduce fuel consumption while increasing power. Available exclusively on the Cascadia Evolution.

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